Split Kitchen Cabinets

Posted On Aug 25, 2018

Split Kitchen Cabinets

Split the kitchen cabinet units. It is important to understand how the positive methods of movement work in the kitchen. You must keep the "work triangle" and you can read the triangle of motion in the kitchen in a smooth order. This way you can design the kitchen space more sensibly so that you can gather your thoughts. What is suitable for kitchen space in the division of kitchen cabinets units.

Standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets

It is important to know that the more accurate the measurement of the unit, the easier it is to build and install kitchen cabinets and the final form of the kitchen.

Measurements are always related to devices and, in some cases, to devices available in the market with measurements that are already designed to fit the alumetal kitchen furniture. The following are approximate bases for the size of kitchen units, width, height and depths of kitchen cabinets,

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The standard offer of the kitchen cabinet unit is variable and depends on the use of each unit in the kitchen. It tends to work in the round measurements: 30cm, 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm Measures for types of units according to the methods of use and measurements of the signal are from the outer edge to the outer edge of the unit.

When thinking about appliances, the units are generally about 60 cm and 90 cm for the refrigerator, microwave ovens, oven, and dishwasher.

For example, the devices are less than 60 cm in size and are designed to fit nicely with a 60 cm opening, including the depths.

The devices you want to use will also have an impact on the unit display. Hinges are often used on door units, while drawers require drawer ducts, which can be mounted with fasteners and are self-locking.

There are other types of accessories that can make the kitchen look more elegant, such as spice racks (15 cm to 20 cm), organizers (40 cm to 60 cm), dish racks (suspension units 40 cm to 85 cm)

Depth of aluminum kitchen cabinets

The basic units in the aluminum kitchens have a standard depth of 60 cm. This is the depth for the kitchen cabinets units, which include appliances such as butane, washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator.

This measurement takes into consideration that the two sides are 58 cm wide and 1.8 cm wider for door or shutter width. The types and sizes of the width of the bar differ according to the sector used for aluminum or other types of kitchens.

The marble display must always exceed the depth of the kitchen cabinet unit, so that if something is spilled on the surface of the kitchen and marble, the liquid does not fall directly onto the kitchen cabinet unit.

The depth of the modular module may be less than the hardware. However, we do not recommend reducing the depth in the kitchen cabinet units, since it is generally applicable to kitchen solutions and storage methods that would not be useful to start with.