About TIBA Marble

Marble & Granite

Carbonates in the earth crust undergo intensive heat and pressure to form limestone which is then used to make marble floor tiles. Nature has its way of making amazing things and marble is one of them. Marble tiles are highly durable, resistant to stains & scrapes and it has a naturally occurring shine.

White marble comes from a very pure vein of limestone whereas the swirls in marble occur from impurities within the stone. Marble tile is one of the most extensively used material for flooring and creating other decorative accessories.

There are hundreds of marble designs that you can select from and decorate both your walls and floors. An interior designer can help you find the best marble floor designs and you can also visit famous websites like Pinterest for marble floor design ideas.

Tilestools is an Egypt based home building material provider and marble prices in Egypt are very reasonable which makes it a sensation among the locals and many people have marble flooring in their homes.

Granite is the intrusive igneous rock form of Natural Stone and has a granular texture. The most common composition consists of elements like quartz, feldspar, plagioclase and biotite. Based on the crimson hue of the Egyptian Pyramids once can assert that Granite has been in use for a long time. It has also been extensively used in carving out sculptures and is commonly used in commercial and public buildings for flooring. Tilestools welcomes you to have a look at some of its featured Granite products.